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Government Rules & Regulations Regarding Childcare in Granville

childcare in Merryland Are you working and looking for childcare in Granville to look after your children? If so, then you should know the agenda and policy of Australian government regarding this type of institution. This agenda mainly focuses on Australian families with high-quality, accessible, affordable and of course integrated pre-schools or childcare.

The Government subsidies the cost of the childcare for eligible families through the child care benefit and the rebate of the care centers.  Let’s find out the regulations and expected standards in detail.


In the year 2009, National Quality Framework was developed as a part of the council of Australian government initiative investing in the early years. This is basically applied to long day care and home care.  Under their authority, the services of the institutions are instructed to be assessed on regular basis. Before assigning the child care, you can assure that this institution is under this scheme.

Affordability of the child care:

It is expected that care centers will support the families’ workforce participation and help the children to develop properly. IT is the responsibility of the company that they should assure the mental and the physical growth of the child. Unfortunately, if anything wrong happens to the child, government gets the proof that the institution is responsible for the mishap, and then they can be punished even suspended.

Financial assistance:

Do you know that the government has fixed a certain fees structure for the care giving centers? In the case of the child care centers, they can charge up to $3.99 per hour. Family day cares are allowed to charge $5.32 per hour. When you are going to talk with the management about fees, you should see whether they are maintaining this structure or not.

These are the basic issues what you should notice at the time of hiring a childcare. If you are in search of a reliable child care, Clovel can be your destination. It is a childcare in Marryland having centers Granville and other cities as well. Visit them at


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