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Childcare or Home-based Care in Western Sydney: Which is the Best?

Childcare in Western Sydney Are you enjoying parenthood for the first time? And do you find it difficult to balance your professional life and your parenthood? Well, take a breath! Childcare in Western Sydney is always ready to help the parents. Choosing the right center for the children can be tricky. Nowadays there have been so many stories based on the news of child abuse in the setting of the childcare. The idea of keeping the health and the safety of your kid in the hands of some people you do not know personally is really terrible.

But you should not panic. There are a few things to avoid when you are looking for a childcare center in Western Sydney. First of all, you should determine what type of environment is suitable for your child. There are two types of childcare: home based and official child care.

Home based:

There are many parents who are more inclined to select a home-based care provider over child care centers.  They obviously have some logical reasons for this preference. This type of care center provides a home-like environment. They usually have an age range of children and a smaller number of children. They prefer flexible hours. The most important factor is license. You must verify whether your home-based care center is licensed for providing such service.

You can search the Internet to educate yourself about what kind of rules and regulation are applicable to the home-based care providers. Information on the type of the license required for the child care you must know. Apart from these, you should make a proper contract between your care provider and you. This contract will help to protect the both parties.

You should know about a few things about the care provider. Generally, the home-based care providers do not arrange security cameras. By any chance, if any question arises, it would be difficult to investigate the entire case. You should ask your provider to allow you visiting your child at any time. If they refuse to allow you, you may take it as a warning of the fact that something is wrong.

Formal Childcare in Western Sydney:

Formal child care providers have fixed hours, discounts of multiple children and above all, they provide a strong security around your child. But it is not easy to pick the right one in the midst of thousands of newly emerged caregivers. The initial step of choosing a caregiver is to conduct a thorough research. You may take the help of the Internet. You may ask your neighbors or relatives for the recommendation. One thing you must do. Please visit each center in your person.  You may have busy schedules but nothing can be more important than your child’s security.

When you are visiting a center, they would like to take you on a short guided tour of the center. You are free to ask them relevant questions such as age ranges, age division, child-teacher ratio etc. This type of care provider includes a lot of things in their activities apart from teaching including singing, dancing, acting, indoor and outdoor games, drama etc. These activities help to understand the skills hidden in your child.

This type of child care obviously will get preference over the home-based care as the sensitive case of security is much better here.  If you belong to those parents who are suffering in indecision about child care, Clovel, an early learning school in Western Sydney can end your worries. For more details, contact at


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